Workout Excuse #6: “I Don’t Like to Exercise”

For you, do exercise and pain go hand in hand? Do you see it as a waste of time or sacrifice? When a friend asks you to work out with them, do you always say “no” by using the excuse, “I don’t like to exercise”? Understanding why you don’t like to exercise and what benefits you might get from a physical activity that’s right for you will help you put an end to this lame excuse that prevents you taking action for your health and discover a new activity you enjoy.

Why do you avoid exercise?


Don’t like to exercise? So be it, but maybe you should be asking yourself “why”. It’s not unusual for people to have varying opinions about exercise. But, outright refusing to try any activity that encourages you to get moving is something that has serious consequences for your health over the long term. Realizing the major benefits of exercise in your life is vital for helping you get back a liking for physical activity. Starting now, you should think about the reasons why exercise has become your worst enemy. Why would you rather sit behind a computer screen, slumped in a chair and cooped up at home? Why does the idea of physical effort scare you or put you off so much?

  • Has physical activity given you cold sweats since you were young? Did gym class at school or other sports clubs leave you with painful memories? Teasing from other kids or feelings of inadequacy may have driven a wedge between you and exercise that you can’t remove even today. Luckily for you, this is an excuse that your mind creates in order to protect you. Forget about the bullies and the painful memories of the past. You’re not responsible for their cruelty. But you ARE responsible for your health, which deteriorates insidiously without regular physical activity.
  • Were you never able to excel at exercising? You might feel incapable and that physical effort scares you because you associate it with pain. It’s important to be aware of this obstacle, which you can overcome by practicing a balanced exercise routine that’s right for your fitness level.

Once you have figured out what’s preventing you from enjoying exercise, you’ll be able to take action and rid yourself of the lame excuse, “I don’t like to exercise”.

A new mindset


After taking the time to think about what’s keeping you from enjoying exercise, you need to change your mindset. If you’re bursting with the desire to take better care of your body, then you should have no problems getting started. Exercise is, above all, a way to improve your wellness and achieve self-fulfillment. Far from being a waste of time, it’s beneficial for your health. It’s also an important ally to help you feel good in your mind as well as in your body because you start look on the bright side of life thanks to the secretion of “happy hormones” such as serotonin and dopamine, which fight depression and fatigue. In fact, the less you move, the more tired you’ll be, since your body isn’t used to being worked intensely on a regular basis.

Physical activity boosts your self-confidence because it pushes you to go beyond your limits and get out of your comfort zone. You prove to yourself that you can make progress, get through an entire workout or simply climb the stairs without being out of breath or carry several bags of groceries by yourself. All these tiny victories in everyday life are like medals for your own self-confidence, and that’s something to be proud of.

Besides that, don’t forget that exercise gives you a break from your worries. It’s a time for relaxation, not hard work. This is when you can loosen up without thinking about the errands you need to run, bills you need to pay or exams you need to pass. When you share this time with your friends and family, it’s also an opportunity to share something with others and strengthen your bond with them.

Action Plan


It’s time to live up to your potential. Be your own Formula 1; it’s up to you to take it out of the garage to see what’s under the hood! Not everyone’s the same when it comes to exercise performance, but why compare yourself to others? You’ll only waste time if you forget about yourself. Recenter your focus and start an easy physical activity that seems like the most convenient option for you. There are many to choose from that give you the ultimate freedom. We’re not talking about the gym; there are other ways to get back in shape. For instance, start by going for a walk. Whether you’re by yourself or with your dog, any physical activity is great for feeling healthier. If possible, bike to work or walk to downtown. Then try a balanced fitness method that takes your fitness level and needs into account. The FizzUp app gives you a free customized program, consisting of easy exercises according to how physically fit you are right now. Your trainer is there to guide you and give you advice on a daily basis. Your fitness training program is created according to a set schedule, so there’s no need to exercise every day to make fast progress. A 20-minute workout every other day is enough for you to get results and back into a healthy lifestyle. That’s why with FizzUp, exercise doesn’t mean long hours at the gym.

And that’s it! Your excuse, “I don’t like to exercise” is already a distant memory. Now you can say “I love to exercise” and mean it, or even better, “I’m glad I’ve got FizzUp in my life.” Excuses for not exercising are only keeping you from living up to your potential, so don’t let them get the upper hand!

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