How To Get Your Partner Motivated

Tired of seeing your partner slumped down on the couch while you’re working out? Or hearing them complain about how out of shape they are? Now’s the time to get your partner motivated enough to do your FizzUp workout with you. All their excuses for not exercising will fall short with these tips from the FizzUp trainer.

Get your partner motivated #1: Ask them to work out without criticizing


If you live together, why not share something other than bills or household chores? Take on a new challenge as a couple by sharing a FizzUp workout. Asking your partner to work out with you shouldn’t come with criticism. “You don’t get enough exercise,” “You’ve gained weight,” and “You’ve let yourself go” are all accusations that your partner is definitely not ready to hear, no matter how valid they are. If you want to get your partner motivated enough to join you, you have to use another approach. Avoid making them feel guilty or putting them in an awkward position.

Persuade your partner according to their personality. Do they like competition? Tell them about challenges, goals and going beyond their limits! Does your partner like helping and encouraging others? Highlight their role as a coach and tell them that you need them around so that you can stick with your program. Does your other half lack self-confidence? Remind them that exercise is the best way to find themselves and rediscover their self-worth.

Get your partner motivated #2: have a common goal

What better way to strengthen your bond than to engage in a physical activity that makes sense for your relationship. Working out as a couple is the opportunity to step up to the same challenge. Set a goal together, like improving your athletic skills for the two of you so that you can cycle around Italy this summer, climb some mountains this fall, lose 10 lb each, participate in a sports competition together or get back the body of your 20’s. The possibilities are endless, but they need to be right for you as a couple. By challenging each other, you’ll both get some extra motivation to work out.

Get your partner motivated #3: shake up your routine


Sometimes a routine is hard to break. Luckily with your FizzUp program, you can bring your daily grind to a halt to spend some time together that brings you closer. Working out together means that you can support and admire each other as you reveal your physical potential to your partner. Now that’s one way to impress them and keep the fire burning!

Get your partner motivated #4: Play the seduction card

To get your other half off the couch, remind them of the fact that sharing your interests with them is important to you. Admiring each other is a key ingredient in your relationship. Tell your partner that their indifference makes them less attractive and emphasize the fact that you’d really like to see them push their own limits. You’ll pique their desire to make you happy and they’ll bend over backwards to make sure you’re satisfied.

Get your partner motivated #5: Release stress

Everyday stress upsets the balance in your relationship. Working out together helps you evacuate stress and lighten serious situations so that your other half is more relaxed. You’ll forget about your troubles and not let stress come between you. Exercise immerses you in a gentle feeling of wellness and excitement, which will stimulate your libido. That’s one argument that could actually make your partner want to get into exercise!

Get your partner motivated #6: Stay positive


Working out as a couple enables you to support and encourage each other as you send one another messages that are guaranteed to have a positive impact on your life as a couple. You’ll look on the bright side and get back the desire to make bigger life plans together. Doing your FizzUp workout with your other half will make you happy and proud of them. You’ll go further and become closer than ever before.

It’s not always easy to get your partner motivated. You might be tired, lack motivation or not be interested in exercise, but FizzUp proves that if it’s good for your body and mind, exercise can also truly strengthen the bond in your relationship!

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