How to Get Back Into Working Out After Having to Take a Break

Did you have to take a break from working out because you got sick, broke your leg, went away for the summer or had a baby? Ready to start moving again? Here are a few simple tips to making it so much easier for you to get back into working out without doing too much too soon.

How to get back into working out depending on why you stopped

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete, anyone may need to take a break from exercise at some point. When the time comes to get back into working out, it’s not always clear how you should go about it. Here are FizzUp’s tips to start back up with ease.

If you want to get back into working out after an illness, long break or injury

There are many illnesses and injuries that can keep you from being physically active on a regular basis. Clearly some are more serious than others, which means that your approach depends on the situation. Here are three general tips to make your fresh start a success:

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1 | Talk to your doctor about wanting to get back into physical activity (this tip applies especially to physically active people who have been sick or suffered an injury). This is a good opportunity to make sure that you’re healthy enough to get back into working out. Also ask your doctor if the sport or physical activity you want to pursue is right for you given your situation. For instance, if you’ve been seriously injured, you should definitely give your body enough time to heal before you start working out again.

2 | Have a healthier lifestyle. Getting back into working out on an everyday basis is really demanding for your body. To give yourself every chance of success, remember to keep up a healthy lifestyle as you recover.

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Eating a balanced diet and getting enough restful sleep are key. They’ll give you the energy you need to keep up your new workout routine and boost your immune system.

3 | Start a personalized workout program and make sure to stick with it. After you recover from your illness, get into physical activity with a workout program that’s right for your goal and physical fitness level. That’s what you need if you want to make progress at your own pace and gradually get back muscle mass and rebuild the athletic skills you had before you had to stop exercising.

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Taking the time to rehabilitate and strengthen your muscles is a must if you want to prevent relapse. Strengthening your core muscles is also vital in order to keep your posture in check, especially if you weren’t working these muscles during your break.

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If you want to get back into working out after having a baby

Pregnancy takes its toll on your body and it needs time to recover. Once you’ve settled into your new life with a baby and regained your strength, you can try these tips to get back the body you had before your pregnancy:

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1 | Take your time and don’t work out before you’re allowed to. Don’t get back into any physical activity before your postpartum check-up. During your appointment, your doctor will take a look at your overall health. If they think your body has recovered, they’ll give you the green light to get back into working out. But sometimes this can take longer than you’d expect, so it helps to be patient and listen to your body.

2 | Start by strengthening your pelvic floor. Your pelvic floor has been stretched because of pregnancy hormones, the baby’s weight and delivery. Your abs keep your organs in place, so you should start by focusing on their recovery before getting back into regular exercise. Postpartum rehabilitation is available for this, but you can always do small exercises at home a few days after your delivery to speed up the process.

3 | Target the most important areas. During pregnancy, your body goes through some major changes in your spinal curvature, center of gravity and weight. Your baby’s weight has also affected certain muscles and joints. Once you’re ready, a smart thing to do is to focus on strengthening specific areas of your body: your abs with core strengthening, your back and chest muscles with exercises such as the Arlaud movement and your glutes and thighs with squats.

4 | Choose a physical activity that’s right for you. After pregnancy, there are several sports you should avoid, such as team or contact sports and sports with a high risk of falling. For example, for the first few months after delivery, you can start by swimming, gentle gymnastics or going on a walk with your baby in a stroller. These activities will gradually get back into shape and get you used to being physically active again.

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After a few months, you can start doing a physical activity that’s slightly more intense to get your figure back. Try a physical activity that strengthens your entire physique so that you’ll evenly build muscle throughout your body as you burn excess fat.

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You’re free with FizzUp! Free to choose your goal, free to work out at your own pace and above all, free to work out where you want, when you want. Get fast results with no hassle.

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If you want to get back into working out with ease after having to take a break, you should do it by the book. With patience, motivation and good habits, you’ll quickly get your pre-baby body back. Your FizzUp trainer will adapt your workout program to help you get back into working so that you can get back in shape and start exercising again with ease.

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