Detox Tea: Myth or Miracle?

Ahhh, detox tea… Its benefits are as desirable as they are enticing, because you might think that it transforms your body in record time and helps you let go of your inhibitions. Sure, in a perfect world… but don’t forget to count on the expertise of the FizzUp trainer. What’s hiding behind this booming industry? From “fit tea” to “weight loss tea” to “detox tea,” find out the true benefits of this new beverage trend.

Should you go on a detox tea regimen?


A photo of an attractive young woman with a perfectly flat stomach sipping a cup of tea in a natural and idyllic natural setting… this is what you find when you see ads for detox tea online. Social networks are packed with these new types of ads, tapping into the fantasies of many women, all promising the same thing: an hourglass figure with a detox tea regimen ranging from seven days to one month. The diet and fasting industries and other detox methods keep on growing, constantly reminding you that you haven’t reached “perfection” yet (even our consumer society has defined what it means to have the perfect body), bringing down your spirit and coaxing you with ideas that are even more creative than the last. All manufacturers needed to do was find a new miracle product: detox tea. Good for your health and your waistline, many people are sold by its “benefits”. But what else is there?

The promises of detox tea

They say that if you drink one cup of tea 30 minutes before every meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner), for a one week to one month, you’ll be on your way toward a flat stomach and a slim physique. But these detox products promise you:

  • Unbelievable weight loss through higher calorie burn
  • A boosted metabolism, which is what burns those calories you consume
  • Toxins eliminated from your body by its “detox” effect, which directly impacts your liver
  • Reduced hunger
  • Renewed energy, which you can use to get through your long days thanks to a healthy and effective digestive system.

However, it’s not about just drinking traditional green or black tea. You would need to buy detox teas with specific ingredients to enjoy these benefits. Without changing your eating habits, detox tea supposedly melts away excess fat thanks to its miraculous ingredients.

What it really does


Everyone knows that consuming large volumes of liquid, whether it’s hot or cold, makes you feel less hungry by filling your stomach. A message is then sent to your brain to tell it that your stomach is full. By drinking tea before your meal, you’ll be less hungry so you’ll eat less and as a result, you can lose a few pounds. If you’re overweight, the weight loss is only temporary, because it doesn’t encourage you to change your eating habits that lead to being overweight or your relationship with food or physical activity. Only these actions will guarantee significant and lasting weight loss. The weight that you lose during your tea regimen will come back once you stop. This way, you might not see any weight loss.

According to the American National Institutes of Health, the herb that’s used the most in some of these so-called “detox” teas is called senna leaf, a very powerful laxative! This herb can even cause stomach aches, cramps and diarrhea. These beverages make you go to the toilet so that they can claim to make you lose weight. But this weight loss is only temporary because your intestines are empty. It does nothing to reduce body fat. Don’t play with fire! Consuming laxatives without a good medical reason is dangerous to your health. Drinking detox tea more than twice a week can weaken your body. How can you operate the well-oiled machine that is the human body without fuel? Pay attention to how many laxative herbs you consume over the long term because this can have serious implications for your health. On the other hand, the many teas that don’t contain senna leaf don’t do anything more to help you lose weight than regular tea. Besides, there’s a reason why the active ingredients or a list of what’s exactly in these teas aren’t revealed to the general public.

Just drink water if you want to help your kidneys and liver eliminate toxins. By staying hydrated, your intestines work better, making you forget all about stomach aches or constipation. You’ll feel lighter on a daily basis. Sometimes you might also think that you’re hungry when you’re actually thirsty. If you constantly stay hydrated, you’ll be less prone to getting the munchies and gaining weight. Drinking water is a natural, yet indirect way to lose weight. That’s why tea can get you faster results and some active ingredients such as hawthorn or black radish do have astringent and antispamodic properties. But none of this guarantees that you’ll lose 20 lb after a few cups. It has never been scientifically proven that any kind of tea actually makes you lose weight. So drink tea for your own enjoyment, but don’t let your teapot get your hopes up.

A word from sport nutritionist Anthony Berthou


Our FizzUp expert, Anthony Berthou, an expert in sports nutrition, gives you his point of view on detoxing on his “health and nutrition” blog.

Now you know that you shouldn’t follow a detox regimen while depriving yourself; you should follow it because you want to find balance. Talk to your doctor or other medical professionals when you want to relieve your liver and lose weight.

To lose weight and keep it off, it’s better to combine regular physical activity and a balanced diet. Eighty percent of your body transformation depends on what you eat; that’s why with the FizzUp Nutrition Guide, you get easy-to-follow nutritional tips that are right for your goal and a variety of recipes that help you get into healthy everyday eating habits.

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