You CAN Enjoy Your Food While Eating a Healthy Diet

Want to eat healthier, but you all you can think about is a boring old salad with a tomato on your plate? Eating a better diet doesn’t mean depriving yourself of the foods you love. The FizzUp trainer proves that it IS possible to enjoy your food while eating a wholesome diet.


Enjoyment is a state of inner satisfaction triggered by an external factors (such as exercise, food and sex). In our case, when you enjoy your food, you get a pleasant feeling inside that you experience when you eat something you love.

This feeling is triggered by two hormones: endorphins and dopamine. Endorphins are secreted by the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus in your brain during physical or psychological stress. Their role is to relax you, as they affect the receptors that control your response to pain, stress and emotions. Exercise triggers a significant production of this hormone, so FizzUp helps you boost your mood! Endorphins are also secreted when you eat foods that are high in protein and carbohydrates. For instance, eating a square of dark chocolate boosts your mood and your energy.

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On the other hand, dopamine plays an important role in the reward system and decision making. This is the hormone that influences your food choices. When you walk by a fast food restaurant and crave a burger, you’re under the influence of dopamine. When you resist temptation, it’s also having its effect on you.

The act of eating is controlled by both your energy needs and the pleasure you get from food. Food cravings bring together desire and enjoyment. Once you’ve eaten your entire meal, you get a feeling of fulness and this is how the reward system works.


Different factors are involved that enable you to enjoy your food. Some of them are external and have a strong influence on your food choices. You should also note the sensory characteristics of food, with not only its smell and taste, but also its colors, sounds and textures. How much you enjoy your food is also determined by cultural and emotional aspects associated with the dish.

Remember that the physiological need to eat is innate and starts at birth. Children know how to regulate their own food intake. But the older you get, the more your way of eating depends on what you’ve been taught.

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Enjoyment plays an essential role in the process of regulating food intake. It’s important to enjoy what you eat because this helps you achieve a feeling of wellness that leads to satiety. If you don’t enjoy what you eat, you’ll tend to eat more later on or nibble constantly. That’s why diet plans or any method that leaves you feeling deprived aren’t the right ways to get into healthy eating habits.


Healthy eating (i.e. eating a balanced diet) helps you learn how to indulge while knowing that you’re allowed to so. Balancing out your diet means you have to re-learn how to eat, try new foods and cook your own meals. Taking the time to prepare your meals gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you made it yourself. You’re able to enjoy yourself more when you make your food because you can already imagine the result. There’s a whole variety of dishes and ingredients out there, so let your imagination run wild!

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You might find it hard to make new eating habits part of your daily routine, but if you gradually add them, eventually you’ll be happy to eat your meals again. Whether you want to lose weight or just pay more attention to what’s on your plate, the most important thing is that you’re excited every time you sit down at the table. You CAN reach your goal and still enjoy your food. Forget about feeling guilty about what you eat! Make a fresh start with FizzUp Nutrition and let yourself indulge from time to time. Doing this will never let your efforts go to waste if you keep it at a minimum.

Your ability to enjoy your food is a really important factor in your dietary intake. Thanks to the FizzUp trainer, now you know that you can and should enjoy your food while keeping your plate balanced.

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