5 Reasons to Start Working Out as a Couple!

Want to share a new experience as a couple? Working out together is a great way to do it! You’ll strengthen your bond by stepping up to the same challenges and pursuing the same goals. Your other half might even surprise you by revealing their hidden athletic talents. First comes love, then comes exercise: working out as a couple can help you experience new ways to discover and share in your relationship, making your relationship last based on new shared values. FizzUp gives you five great reasons to try working out as a couple.

1 | Because your partner is the perfect trainer

You can’t say that you don’t have time to work out when your partner does their FizzUp workout at the same time as you. Doesn’t that make them the perfect trainer? Besides having one in your pocket with FizzUp, you’ve got another one right in front of you: your partner. Staying motivated is easy when you’re in a solid relationship where each partner is determined to do something good for their health. When one of you is on the verge of giving up or lacks motivation, the other can give their support and encouragement so that they keep giving it their all. As partners in exercise, you’ll surprise your partner by going beyond your limits, which will keep the fire burning in your relationship. There’s nothing more satisfying and exhilarating than feeling the admiring gaze of the person you love.

By working out together, you can keep each other motivated and help each other out. In an article published by Psychology TodayDr. Theresa E DiDonato stays, “When you work out together, you create a context in which you can coordinate your actions. For example, you might lift weights in rhythm with your partner, match your own walking or running pace with his or hers, or toss medicine balls back and forth. Nonverbal mimicry helps people feel emotionally attuned with one another, and those who experience or engage in it tend to report greater feelings of having ‘bonded’ with their partner.”

2 | Because working out as a couple shakes up your routine

In your relationship, falling into a routine can be your worst enemy. Over time, you start to get comfortable and make less of an effort to surprise your partner and get off the beaten track. To break your predictable routine during the day or at night, open your FizzUp app and unexpectedly ask your partner if they want to do a short workout. We promise you’ll feel challenged and have a great time! Challenge your other half to spice up your relationship. How about adding a Focus program* to your workout today?

After you’ve made the decision to work out together, how do you choose an activity that works for both of you? The next step is to find a physical activity that’s best for both partners and meets the same expectations, depending on your age, fitness level, preferences and how motivated you are. By opting for FizzUp fitness training, you’re sure to find the ideal compromise for working out at your own pace, when your partner does the same. The FizzUp trainer adapts the workout to suit to every user. Each partner has their own goal and fitness level, but you work out together. Most importantly, you can give each other a boost when you lack motivation or when you do your evaluations at the beginning and end of every level. That’s how you’ll get results fast: by sculpting your body at your own pace, hand in hand with your other half.

3 | Because you’re doing something good for your health, together


Everything is easier when you’re not alone, isn’t it? By cultivating the desire to go beyond your limits and feel better in your bodies together, you’ll transform your entire lifestyle. The time you spend working out as a couple turns into cherished moments that help you find a healthy living environment that works for both of you. You can gradually get into a new mindset, which will have you wanting to do good for yourself in all aspects of your life with your personal fulfillment becoming one of your priorities as a couple. Eighty percent of your results depend on your eating habits. By combining your physical activity with a balanced diet using your FizzUp trainer’s nutrition guide, you make it possible to reach your goals in less time. As a couple, it’s even easier to watch what you eat when you share the same meals.

4 | Because you relieve stress together

Unwind with exercise to relieve stress, which will save your partner from dealing with your mood swings after a busy day. Does working out help you stop fighting? This might surprise you, but regular physical activity will free you from your anxieties and your bad mood. The endorphins you secrete while exercising make you feel happy and euphoric for up to four hours after your workout, not to mention serotonin, the hormone that’s also secreted during exercise and helps you physically, mentally and emotionally relax.

Now that you’re calm and relaxed, your environment or schedule stop having control over you. Say goodbye to the seasonal depression. With FizzUp, you’ll be a couple that can take on anything.

5 | Because you boost your libido


Exercise is a great way to keep the fire burning! First of all, because regular physical activity helps you stay in shape by strengthening or slimming down your physique. Your other half will reward you for your efforts…

Exercise also gives you back the confidence you need to feel free and make the most of your life together. With boosted confidence, you’ll dare take charge and surprise your partner. Boost your libido with exercise, which triggers the secretion of dopamine, a pleasure hormone that stimulates your sexual desire and also plays an important role in reaching orgasm. Is exercise the best aphrodisiac after all?

From a scientific perspective, simply sharing an experience or watching, communicating and interacting with one another increases your mutual attraction. That’s why FizzUp gives all couples the opportunity to rediscover one another in a new light.

It won’t be long before you and your partner fall in love with working out as a couple. Your workout is a new experience to share together and will make you feel the same as you did when you were dating, or even better! Besides spending quality time together, both of you are taking better care of your body and mind so that you can live your lives in sync.

Take the first step toward working out as a couple. Your FizzUp online fitness trainer is here to help!

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