Why Putting Pressure On Yourself Hurts Your Results

Ready to sacrifice everything to reach your goal? Turn your everyday routine upside down in order to succeed? Then it’s safe to say you’re putting pressure on yourself to stick to your healthy habits. Maybe you think you have to up the ante, but the FizzUp trainer will tell you that pressure won’t do anything to help you get faster results. It might just slow them down.


You don’t need to put pressure on yourself to have a fitness routine that lasts because this only puts extra weight on your shoulders. Wanting to reach your goal at all costs creates significant amounts of stress and anxiety. If you don’t reach your goal, you’re bound to be disappointed and give yourself much less credit for what you’ve already achieved.

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Your mind is full of worry when you’re under pressure, and this can slow down your progress and make you feel like a prisoner. Everything you think and do revolves around reaching your goal and the fear of defeat. That’s why you’re five times more likely to not succeed, because you’re so afraid or convinced that you won’t. Pressure is ultimately counterproductive. It weakens your mental fitness. Frustration will only lead to backing down or failure.


Are you superhuman? If so, then you’re demigod hanging out with the Zeus, so reaching your goal should be a piece of cake for you. Unfortunately (or fortunately!) for everyone else, you can’t control everything all the time. When you put yourself under pressure, you forget that there’s still a part of change that can’t be controlled. So just let go and put your stress aside. Instead, use positive thinking and a little give-and-take to nurture your personal growth. You’re in the process of gaining fitness training experience. You don’t have to learn everything all at once. Let the FizzUp trainer be your guide and keep your motivation at its max. He’ll remind you when it’s a workout day, encourage you to keep exercising regularly and give you a fitness training program that’s right for your needs. Be kind to yourself!


Contrary to what you might think, putting pressure on yourself doesn’t do anything to get you faster results! Giving yourself enough time to reach your goal is so important: time to understand, time to progress, time to watch your results appear, time to better know yourself and time to gain more experience. You’re sure to succeed when you give yourself enough time to do so! It’s just a matter of finding the right timing.

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If your goal is to build muscle, create a clear time frame that includes every final FizzUp evaluation. These are like stepping stones on the way to reaching your overall goal. Don’t make this goal too distant so that you can still reach it without getting discouraged. Want to gain 10 lb of muscle? If you have a slow metabolism (i.e. trouble losing weight), then try working out regularly for an entire year. But if you gain muscle quickly, then try five months. The same goes for when you want to lose 10 lb. Losing weight in two weeks isn’t good timing.

Good timing takes your needs, desires and lifestyle into account without turning your goal into a hassle. This is so important to remember. So listen to your body and do want you WANT to do, rather than live your life with a negative attitude because you’re under pressure.


Don’t let stress, prejudice and negative thinking weigh on your mind. This enters you into a vicious circle that undermines your self-confidence. Instead of putting yourself under pressure, try to improve your drive and determination in positive ways. Get into enjoyable routines that are good for your health. Consider your FizzUp workout an opportunity to focus on your wellness and not a painful chore. Think about every step of your progress to boost your morale and acknowledge your commitment to a physically active lifestyle. It all comes down to how you view any given situation. It’s easier to look on the bright side of life when you take good care of your body AND your mind.

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Meditation can also change your outlook, reduce harmful stress and boost your body’s strength with the power of your mind so that you can take on any physical demand life throws at you.

Putting pressure on yourself is a natural impulse that happens when you’re faced with change, stress and uncertainty. Count on the FizzUp trainer and live the FizzUp experience with a positive mindset. Don’t turn exercise into a hassle. Turn it into a passion!

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