How to Get Back the Motivation to Work Out

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most motivated of them all…? Too bad your mirror can’t tell you, but the person you see looking back at you CAN. Need a change? Want to make a new start in your journey to fitness? Remember that for some time now, you’re more motivated than you realize. But you’re the only one who can uncover your motivation. Luckily, FizzUp, the leading online fitness trainer in France, can show you the way. Recognized by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, you can leave everything to your trainer and get a free, personalized workout program that’s right for your fitness level and current physical abilities.

Get back the motivation to work out for good

Do you think that the best changes happen to others and that you’ll never be able to believe that your body is in shape, muscular and/or lean? You’re lying to yourself! Now’s the time to open your eyes to the person you are and the abilities that are hiding inside you.There are actually many ways to help you get back into working out.

1 | On your way to a new lifestyle


[quote align=’left’]Yesterday, you said “tomorrow”.[/quote]How many people “want” to work out, but their will is held back by fear, psychological, financial or material restraints or by making lame excuses? How many people start a new physical activity, but don’t manage to make their efforts last? There’s no point jumping back into working out without having taken a hard look at your motivation and thinking about your priorities, needs and goals. Sticking to healthy fitness habits shouldn’t be a hasty decision made on the fly. To make a deep impact in your life, it needs to become a lifestyle you stick with, like a routine that you love and enjoy.

2 | Take the time to get motivated

If you’re reading this article, that’s already a sign that you’re motivated. By looking for ways to get back into working out, you’re already on the right track to regular physical activity. You want to know more about fitness and get back the drive to start over from scratch. Don’t underestimate yourself: you ARE motivated! It’s up to you to strengthen your belief and raise your awareness. Develop positive thinking and reap its benefits in your everyday life to get yourself on the right track towards your desire to get in shape.

3 | Take a look at your experiences

To get back the motivation to work out, you need to figure out why you stopped being physically active and why you think it’s important to start back up again now. Because this a fresh start for you, put all the odds in your favor and don’t rush headlong into it. Think about everything that demotivated you in the first place and made you less interested in exercising. Was your last workout routine too intense? Was it the wrong routine for you, so you didn’t see any results? Did you work out in a group when you prefer to work out alone? Was it too expensive or maybe too long? Once you’ve made a list of the things you didn’t like and made another list with your future needs and desires, you’ll be able to avoid making the same mistakes and choose a physical activity that works best for you.

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4 | Boost your intrinsic motivation

Now’s the time to put an end to the idea that you can be subjected to events that are beyond your control that would prevent you from achieving self-fulfillment and, in particular, from getting back into working out. Don’t wait for others to motivate you! Do you want to take better care of your health just because someone is bribing you or putting you under pressure? Or because you really want to do something good for yourself? Learn how to boost your intrinsic motivation, which only comes from within yourself, not from others or pressure from your peers. In 1975, Richard M. Ryan and Edward L. Deci presented a theory opposing intrinsic motivation, which comes from inside you, and extrinsic motivation, which comes from external rewards.

Trust your own will without counting on others and learn more about the benefits of exercise for your health. Besides giving you results you can see in your physique, exercise improves your quality of life, boosts your brain power and relieves you of stress. For instance, doing a workout on Monday is an excellent way to start your week with a positive attitude. It’s easy to get back into working out. You just have to REALLY want it.

You are fitness!

[quote align=’right’]“At first, they’ll ask you why you’re doing it, then they’ll ask you how you did it.”[/quote]

The key to starting a physical activity and sticking with it over the long term is in the way you go about it. It needs to be an activity that’s right for you that you can do at your own pace. Everyone is different and everyone has their own set of athletic skills. You also have your own goals that the physical activity needs to help you reach without it being a persistent hassle. Exercise needs to be in line with who you are. That’s convenient, because at FizzUp, that’s our specialty.


1 | Set a realistic goal

Your desire to get back into working out is what pushes you to go beyond your limits, but make sure you don’t set your sights too high at the start. Do you want to put your motivation to work by setting an ambitious goal? Again, wanting to achieve more than what’s possible, in an extremely short period of time, can prove to be detrimental to your ability to stick to a physical activity for good. In three weeks, you’ll never be able to get the body of an athlete who has been training for years almost every day of the week. Don’t cling to dreams that will only frustrate you. Instead, decide which specific goals you want to reach, such as losing belly fat, working your arms, sculpting your abs or beefing up your pecs, then give yourself enough time to reach this goal.

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2 | Choose a personalized workout program

Whatever your goal, working out needs to be right for you and your individual values. This is the essence of getting back the motivation to work out. It should take your starting fitness level into account and create an effective program in order for you to reach your goal. Don’t ever give up. Being faced with a workout that’s too hard will just discourage you. FizzUp fitness training takes your goal and fitness level into account to create a personalized workout program. It’s tailored to you and always keeps you motivated. You’ll make progress at your own pace without cutting any corners while enjoying total fitness guidance from your trainer. He’s there to support you and tell you how to do every exercise. He’ll even answer your questions if you run into any problems. He also creates a fitness training schedule that includes your workouts and rest days. In addition to your basic 20-minute workout, you can shake things up with the Focus programs, which get you faster results.

3 | Just say no to repetitiveness

Exercise needs to be a part of your daily routine, without turning into a repetitive hassle. Having to exercise should feel natural to you because you’ve made it part of your habits. So stick with your program when you start by following your workout schedule carefully. The more you take regular exercise seriously, the more essential it will seem in your everyday life.

But if it becomes a routine, it shouldn’t be repetitive, otherwise you might once again lose all your motivation. FizzUp can also be found on your plate, because if you want to get results, regular physical activity and a healthy diet are essential. That’s why the FizzUp Nutrition Guide gives you nutrition tips so that you can reach your goal to gain muscle mass or lose weight more effectively.

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To get back into working out at your own pace, you need high-quality fitness guidance, like the one offered by FizzUp, the free online fitness trainer, recognized by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. Like Alexander, you can stop wasting time and get started today when you get the free expertise of FizzUp, your personal fitness trainer. You’ll get visible results in just six weeks because your trainer develops a 100% customized fitness training program, which takes your goal, fitness level and abilities into account for optimal progress. Twenty minutes of exercise every other day is enough to build muscle, endurance, strength and power. Based on the HIIT method, your workouts are intense but balanced enough to keep you motivated and satisfied.

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