How the FizzUp Premium Motivation Package Will Change Your Life!

Are you a beginner on FizzUp? The FizzUp Premium Motivation Package helps you learn more about your workout program so that you can make progress with peace of mind, thanks to 100% customized fitness guidance. Starting a physical activity and getting into new habits are hard decisions to stick to over time when you don’t have the help or support you need. Luckily, the FizzUp Staff is here to guide you toward your goal!

Get the FizzUp premium motivation package: tips that are worth their weight in gold


So, you’ve decided to stick to your resolutions this year or maybe you just want to start taking better care of your body. Get answers to all your questions with the FizzUp Premium Motivation Package. The trainer can give you follow-up workout after workout. You’ll have all the support you need in your new healthy lifestyle. You’ll be in close contact with a FizzUp Expert who will give you fitness training advice whenever you need it.

  1. You’re our priority: The FizzUp Premium Motivation Package gives you the ultimate power. All your questions and needs are our priority. Get answers to your questions instantly from your FizzUp Expert who’s always at your service. Get simple, easy-to-use tips.
  2. Enjoy 100% customized follow-up: With our Package, you can enjoy a workout program that’s tailored to you. We’ve designed and created every part of your fitness training so that it’s entirely right for you and ONLY you. The FizzUp Expert makes your FizzUp experience unique. Share your results, progress, needs and desires with your FizzUp contact, who can give you the best answers possible because they take these factors into account.
  3. Get yourself off to a great start in your FizzUp program: You’ll know which workout protocol goes into each FizzUp goal, so you can choose the one that meets your needs and is best for your current fitness level.
  4. Get a workout that meets your needs: The FizzUp Expert can tell you how to use the Add-ons* and the Focus programs*. They’ll tell you which ones to do so that you can get fast and lasting results.
    Enjoy a tailor-made fitness training schedule: With the help of the FizzUp Expert, you can find out how to optimally plan out your week while taking your various obligations and FizzUp workouts into account. Everything’s easier when you’ve got a shoulder to lean on. You’ll easily get into new habits and make a new routine part of your daily life to effectively reach your goal.
  5. Get answers: Whatever your question may be, you can get the answer with the FizzUp Premium Motivation Package. Stop getting stuck, because you can ask your Expert any questions you have via an unlimited email correspondence and three live chat sessions.
  6. Get back your motivation: Sometimes that hardest step is getting back your motivation. Your FizzUp contact’s listening ear and constant support can be your secret weapon against a lack of motivation. Now you have a source of support to help you stick to your resolutions.

The FizzUp premium motivation package: do exercise to a tee


The FizzUp Premium Motivation Package has a significant advantage: it gives you the opportunity to send a video of you doing your exercises to your FizzUp Expert. They’ll correct your posture, explain which muscles are being worked and send you tricks you can depend on so that you can do the exercise perfectly. You’ll get faster results, because doing an exercise correctly is the key to making progress. Alone with your computer, smartphone or tablet, it can be hard for you to know whether or not you’re doing your exercises the right way. With the FizzUp Premium Motivation Package, get peace of mind and all the benefits of an online fitness training service. You can stay at home and work out when you want while getting great advice from fitness professionals.

  • How to get started: Place your smartphone or camera on a surface in such a way so that your entire body appears on the screen. You can also have a friend, family member or your spouse help you take a video. Do three to five reps of the exercise that’s causing you problems. Make sure there’s enough light and that the image quality is good enough for your FizzUp Expert to analyze the details of your movements.
  • What are the benefits? After you send your video and get the advice of your Expert, you’ll then be able to do your FizzUp workout safely, because you’ll know how to position your back, how to breathe during the exercise and how fast to do your reps. This reduces the risk of injury and gets you considerably faster results. You’ll only reap the benefits when your workouts are done by the book.

Get the FizzUp Premium Motivation Package

The FizzUp Premium Motivation Package was designed and created for beginners or those who are still struggling and need 100% customized fitness follow-up that takes their individual needs into account while giving them the support they were lacking. Now you don’t have any more excuses for missing your workout and letting your Rhythm score drop!

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