Apples or Bananas?

It’s like comparing apples and bananas… Have you ever wondered which one is in fact better for your health? These two fruits typically go head-to-head when it’s time for breakfast or something to nibble on. You can take these healthy snacks anywhere you go, but are apples and bananas really want you think they are? What benefits do they have for your body? And which one is better for you, apples or bananas? In this article will give you a better idea so that instead of believing the urban myths, you can get in the know.

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Taking a closer look

Apples and bananas are sources of vitamins and minerals essential that are vital for your health. They help you stay in shape, making them a great supplement for your FizzUp fitness program. But which one contains the most benefits: apples or bananas?

Key vitamins and minerals

It’s hard to choose one of these fruits over the other: apples and bananas go together perfectly to provide your body with balanced nutrition. Both apples and bananas contain vitamin C, which is essential for your body, and are great sources of manganese. However, bananas contain vitamins B6 and B9, which are vital for preventing cardiovascular diseases, which is bad news for apples. Besides that, bananas give you minerals like magnesium, potassium and copper, which apples don’t. It would seem that bananas should be a sample fruit in your diet.

Nutritional benefits


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Great sources of fiber, there’s some stiff competition between apples and bananas for the top spot on your plate. Apples are appealing for those who want to lose weight. They’re made of soluble fiber and pectin, which swells when it comes into contact with water, like the water found in your digestive system. That’s how it fills your stomach and makes you feel full. It also improves your digestion and lowers your cholesterol. Pectin turns into a gel that can reduce how much cholesterol you absorb in your intestine. What’s more, bananas also contain pectin, but to a lesser extent.

You can try different kinds of apples, which all have a variety of flavors. We recommend eating apples that are grown organically, so that you can have peace of mind when you enjoy the skin. It contains an apple’s most important vitamins and minerals, so it would be a shame to throw it away.

According to a study presented at the meeting for Experimental Biology in San Diego in 2008, apples reduce a wide variety of health problems. Eating apples on a regular basis diminishes the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases by 27%. Apples are also considered a cancer-prevention food. Studies conducted in 2008 by German researcher Clarissa Gerhäuser on cell cultures show that eating apples on a regular basis reduces the spread of cancer cells and reduces your risk of suffering from colon or lung cancer. Researchers now need to test this observation on humans.


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You’ll also love bananas because they contain tryptophan, a protein that your body turns into serotonin. This hormone is a natural relaxant, which your body can also produce naturally after intense physical activity, like the workouts offered in your FizzUp program. When you do your strength training exercises on a regular basis and eat a healthy amount of bananas, this will keep you relaxed and in a good mood.

According to research conducted by The New England Journal of Medicine, eating bananas regularly reduces the risk of a heart attack by about 40%.

Like apples, bananas have powerful potential to prevent cancer. In 2005, a prospective cohort study conducted by Swiss researchers on 61,000 women showed that eating large amounts of bananas leads to a lower risk of kidney cancer.

So which fruit should you choose, apples or bananas

Now’s the time to choose between these two fruits with undeniable health benefits. Which one do you prefer: apples or bananas? Let’s debunk a myth about apples and find out how many calories they contain.

An apple a day won’t keep the dentist away

This might come as a surprise, but apples don’t prevent cavities. Actually, apples are extremely high in natural sugar, which is why they can cause cavities. So don’t forget to brush your teeth well after you eat one. But it’s true that eating them raw has a beneficial massaging effect on your gums, which can protect you from gum diseases like gingivitis.

Calorie content

Bananas are still higher in calories than apples. For 100g, they contain for 89 calories vs. 49 calories for apples, of which there are 21.8g of carbohydrates vs. 11.7g. But carbohydrates are what turn into fat. The 21.8g of carbohydrates include 17.2g of sugar vs. 11.6g for apples. But you still shouldn’t say no to bananas completely, which are a perfect complement to apples, and vice versa. When it’s time for a snack between meals, it’s better to eat an apple and save the banana for breakfast so that you can start your day with an energy boost.

A second myth we can debunk: if you want to lose weight, you shouldn’t go on a fruit-based diet. High in sugar, they can lead to weight gain and intestinal discomfort. Your measurements don’t lie.

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Apples and bananas make great snacks because they’re so easy to take on the go. Now that you know how nutritious they are, shake up how you eat them to enjoy their benefits for your body. These two fruits go perfectly with your fitness training or your goal to get in shape. Raw, cooked, as applesauce or homemade juice or smoothies, apples and bananas are delicious no matter how you eat them. You can also learn about the benefits of lemons to help you eat a perfectly balanced diet.

So, which one do you prefer? Apples or bananas?

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