7 Tips to Get You Fit for Back to School

Ah, it’s back-to-school season. Whether you’re hitting the books again or getting your kids ready for fall, it’s a challenging time for most! Feeling re-energized from your vacation with plenty of wonderful memories on your mind, it’s easy to feel stronger and more motivated than ever to get back on the mat and start your workout routine again. You probably haven’t thought about your program for a while now, which is why it’s the perfect time to ask yourself how you can get fit for back to school. It’s no sweat with the FizzUp trainer! He’s got all the tips you need and will tell you how to easily get back on track after summer break from school or work.


Got sore muscles in your arms or legs after you stopped your FizzUp workouts for only a few weeks? That’s an understandably troubling sign, but there’s something you can do about it. The first thing is to let go of your guilt. Why be mad at yourself for taking time off to have fun and get away from everyday life? It doesn’t do you any good to feel this way, so turn your frown upside down. Remind yourself that the most important purpose of your weekly workouts is to reach your fitness goals and establish a healthy lifestyle. A few days of vacation won’t destroy all the effort you made over the past several months. But remember, breaks from exercise should be few and far between, because there are some major consequences of not working out for long periods of time. So take it easy. Summer helped you recharge your batteries to supercharge you into September.

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Back to school is the perfect time to a look back on how active you’ve been so far this year. Try to make a list of all the benefits you’ve gained from being physically active, the mistakes you’ve made, the times when you threw in the towel and the techniques you used to stick to your workout routine or keep up your motivation. Doing this will only improve your fitness training experience and stop you from giving up when you start to run out of steam. Thinking about your journey thus far will encourage you to push forward, just like it has for Marine and other members of the FizzUp community.


When you get back into your FizzUp workouts, you might not feel up to snuff or have a harder time doing the number of reps the trainer asks you to do. Don’t panic! When you take a temporary break from your workout program, you’re more likely to lose some of your power, strength and endurance. The longer your break is, the harder it will be to get back into the swing of things. Seeing your Rhythm score fall might also be frustrating, but turn that into a new source of motivation. Try to bump it up to the Rhythm score you had before your break. Don’t let it get you down: this too shall pass. Just begin again and give yourself enough time to get back to the shape you were previously in.


Don’t let your newfound motivation lead to burnout. To get fit for back to school, don’t try to do more than you were doing before or turn your everyday life upside down on a whim. Getting back into healthy habits takes time. Make it easier by not putting too much on your plate during your free time, especially if sticking with your FizzUp workout routine was difficult to begin with. You should also avoid setting any unrealistic goals or say no to certain foods so that you can get back the body you had before summer break faster. This will only burn you out and leave you feeling fed up. Get a calendar and write down the days when you’ll work out, the days when you’re busy doing another physical activity and the days when you rest. Writing down the details makes everything clearer. All you have to do is stick with your calendar to get back on track to reaching your goal.


Back to school can also be a time for adjustment. With all the progress you’ve made by working out on a regular basis, you’ll need to tweak your goal according to your current needs. Once you reach it, you’ll need to work to maintain and develop your goal. If you stop everything once you’ve gotten the ball rolling, you could let all your hard work go to waste. Now that you’ve slimmed down your thighs, do you want to keep the rest of your body toned? You CAN! Managed to gain muscle mass and now want to keep your body in tip-top shape? You CAN! With FizzUp PRO, your workouts are never too easy or too hard and you can switch up your goal at the end of every level. You’re constantly evolving, and so is your fitness training program.


When summer break comes to an end and the excitement of back to school fades, finding the motivation to get back into working out can be tricky. Makes sense when you let your mind free itself from your everyday routine and responsibilities during your time away. This means that you’re going to have to step up the effort. Whatever you do, resist the temptation to procrastinate if you don’t feel like doing today’s workout! Letting this one workout slide only incites you to stop doing your exercises according to schedule and to constantly delay your growth as a physically active individual. As a result, you lose sight of your goal and all the progress you’ve made. That’s when your motivation wanes. Open your FizzUp app to overcome this hurdle and push yourself to do your workout anyway.

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You can’t look for motivation in a book or ask for it from someone else. It comes from within. Look inside yourself for what made you start your FizzUp program to strengthen your drive. Remember the satisfaction you feel once you’re done with your workout and the changes FizzUp will bring out in your body.


To get fit for back to school, your workout routine should continue to develop. Sign up for FizzUp PRO for an all-in-one and more advanced fitness training experience. The trainer gives you:

  • the FizzUp Nutrition Guide created with the help of sports nutritionist Anthony Berthou
  • even more exercises to shake up your routine
  • the Add-ons: optional blocks of exercises that you can activate and deactivate depending on the time and motivation you have
  • the Single Workouts: themed workouts you can do outside of your basic workout for targeted results

The FizzUp Staff has many more surprises in store for you to celebrate the beginning of fall. Having a fitness routine that grows with you is a source of motivation in and of itself. Revitalize your fitness training experience and get nutritional tips and tricks to keep you healthy.

It’s never been easier to fit for back to school. Count on the FizzUp trainer to help you take charge of your wellness again with a program that gets you results. Have a super September, FizzUp fans!

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