7 Reasons to Work Out in January

January is a critical month because it sets the tone and pace for the rest of the year. The FizzUp trainer is giving you seven good reasons to work out in January so that you can keep up your healthy lifestyle and start the new year feeling motivated to kick off your journey to better fitness.

Reason #1 to work out in january: stick to your new year’s resolutions

To stick to the new year’s resolutions you made at the dawn of the new year, taking action the moment you make this commitment is vital. If you plan ahead and make good on your promise, you’ll set yourself up for success in reaching your goals this year. The faster you put your resolutions into practice, the easier it will be to turn exercise into a habit.

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Reason #2 to work out in january: boost your mood

Exercise is your best defense against the winter blues. The days get shorter and the lack of sunlight can play leave you feeling down. Luckily, regular physical activity stimulates the secretion of hormones such as serotonin and dopamine, which have a beneficial effect on your mood. You’ll feel relaxed, peaceful and full of energy. Do your FizzUp workout while listening to music you like, because researchers have found that it also gets dopamine flowing.

Reason #3 to work out in january: train for winter sports

Doing a physical activity to strengthen your muscles has several advantages. During the winter, it’s an effective way to train for snowboarding or skiing. FizzUp gives you a workout program based on bodyweight exercises that works a variety of muscle groups.

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Adapt your program to suit your winter goals and enjoy the results once you’re on the ski slopes. When you add a Legs Focus*, you’ll prepare your legs for doing one pivot turn after another in the powdery snow or going down a slope at high speeds after you reach the summit. Cross-country skiing and ski mountaineering buffs will love seeing the improvement in their muscular endurance.

Reason #4 to work out in january: respect your body

Hibernating and storing up layers of fat during the cold season shouldn’t be your goal because that means you aren’t respecting your body. Eating more in the winter is a bad habit. When it comes to how much you eat, your diet shouldn’t go through any major changes from one season. Learn to better listen to your body and understand how it works. Exercise teaches you more about your body and how to rely on it. You’ll overcome any doubts you might have about your abilities, feel your muscles working when doing reps of a single exercise and feel your heart rate and breathing accelerate. All these signs will remind you how valuable your body is. Whether it’s in the winter, spring, summer or fall, the best time to work out is all year long!

Reason #5 to work out in january: get into healthy habits

If you get into the habit of working out at the same time every other day, you’ll start a fitness routine that’s good for your health and wellness. Not in the mood? Start doing something about that today to reap the rewards tomorrow. The more often you work out, the more of a habit working out will become. If you don’t start working out this month, then when will you?

Reason #6 to work out in january: start working on your summer body

If you want to transform your body, starting to work out two weeks before summer gets here won’t get you any results. Changes should come gradually so that they last over the long term.

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Be your own hero and stop waiting until the last minute to take better care of your body only temporarily. Make some major changes to your habits starting in January and get into a whole new lifestyle.

Reason #7 to work out in january: write a new chapter

Working out in January will enable you to start writing a new chapter in your life. Besides boosting your physical fitness, exercise makes you happier and enters you into a virtuous circle. You’ll be proud of yourself, have more self-confidence, let go of your inhibitions and and look at life in a new way.

You’ll enjoy so many perks when you work out in January. Your wellness shouldn’t wait! Be a game changer. Make this month an exception to staying away from the mat and get into peak condition for the remainder of the year. What you do in January you won’t have to do this summer!

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