5 Ways to Overcome Life’s Obstacles for Successful Fitness Training

Are a lack of motivation or other obstacles in your life keeping you from reaching your fitness goals? Sadly, for many, motivation comes and goes and their busy lives get the upper hand. With work, family and time constraints, it’s hard to always be ready for the challenges life can throw at you. The FizzUp trainer is here to help you dodge hurdles and make it easier to get more active.


Yes, you could consider this a life obstacle because it’s one thing that can eventually make you lose the motivation to exercise. If you were doing everything possible to progress in your fitness training for several weeks with the same routine, then it’s time to change up your program to “revive” that progress. Stagnation happens because your body is like a machine that adapts to the physical stress you put it under during your workout. If this stress stays the same or lessens every time you exercise, it won’t have any reason to progress. You have to force your body to continue adapting so that it improves.

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FizzUp trainer’s tip: In order to revive your progress, you have to put your body under new physical stress. All you have to do is use general adaptation syndrome to your advantage. For instance, you could do your FizzUp workout on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, which are designed to make your body progress, then on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and/or Saturday, try a Challenge or Single Workout for more variety. That way, you’ll never get bored and are sure to make progress, avoid stagnation and maintain a gradual increase of intensity in your FizzUp strength training workouts.


Got a hectic schedule, kids you have to pick up from school or work you have to catch up on? You never have to dedicate two whole hours to exercise every day or think that this is how long an effective workout takes. A workout that’s only 20 minutes long is a great start and is just enough time to keep exercise in one of the top spots on your priority list so that your stay proactive about your wellness.

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FizzUp trainer’s tip: For anyone who’s always in a hurry, FizzUp brings you strength training workouts under 20 minutes in length and Single Workouts you can do in even less time! And let’s not forget the one training protocol that really packs a punch for cardio endurance: HIIT, which has the same body and health benefits as longer programs that aren’t as intense. It burns around the same number of calories and whips your body into shape twice as fast when you do 7 or 8 bouts (max) of physical effort lasting 30 to 60 seconds each with the same length of rest time between each bout. We’ve carefully worked HIIT sessions into your FizzUp app!


Feeling a bit sluggish? Couldn’t sleep last night? If so, it’s not motivation you’re lacking… it’s that spark of energy that propels your workouts every other day. All too often, the first five minutes are the hardest, but listening to your favorite music will help!

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FizzUp trainer’s tip: Music has the ability to rev up anyone’s motivation. Why not put together playlists to use depending on the kind of workout you plan on doing? Try using songs that have about 150 to 160 beats per minute (BPM) for high-intensity activities like running and songs with a lower BPM for lower-intensity workouts or stretching sessions.


Don’t live close to a gym or have any desire to go to one after you get off work? Is the traffic always jammed? Is it snowy and windy? Don’t let complicated logistics take their toll on your health and fitness. Not having a way to get to your workout is one of the major obstacles that can keep your from starting and committing to a fitness routine.

FizzUp trainer’s tip: Working out at home with an app like FizzUp is what you need! No matter where you are, you can keep up with your exercise plan to continue making progress. Don’t let transportation problems or a lack of equipment hold you back! If your  only goal is to stay active and feel fit, then nothing’s stopping you from working out where you are right now. Have no fear! Just start your FizzUp workout and get moving!


It’s sad, but true: most people who start a workout routine quit within three months because of boredom. This is why it’s so important to shake up your workout often so that you’ll stick to your routine and actually reach your goals. So before you stop working out regularly, take action and turn up the fun in your fitness training. Progress IS important, but so is enjoying yourself if that’s what it takes to see the changes in your body.

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FizzUp trainer’s tip: The kind of workout and exercises you do, equipment you use and environment you exercise in should all stir up your interest so that you keep working out on a regular basis. Don’t think of your workout as a chore. Think of it as a way to have fun while giving your body the physical activity it needs. Anything that gets you moving is great, whether that’s going for a walk in a forest, getting involved in team sports, taking dance classes or even just playing with your kids. Try a range of activities. You’re more likely to keep up with it if it’s an activity you truly enjoy.

Remember to give yourself a break! Everyone encounters life obstacles at some point that keep them from reaching their fitness goals. To soar over them, find solutions that work for your particular lifestyle. Find your deepest and most meaningful motivators and use them to stay on the mat. The more you personalize your workout routine, the easier it will be to stick to.

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