5 Tips to Help You Look on the Bright Side of Life

Instead of envying your neighbor who’s always happy and living the perfect life, just do the same! Your happiness doesn’t depend on what’s going on around you. It depends on what’s going on inside you. When you take a step back from the outside world, you’ll be able to have a new and positive outlook on everything around you. Here are five tips to help you look on the bright side of life.


What if you decided to look at look on the bright side of life this year? Continuously thinking positive can help you have a better outlook on life, put your problems into perspective and stop paying attention to bothersome, yet insignificant everyday details. If you want to stop saying, “I can’t,” and start saying, “I CAN!,” you have to immerse yourself in a new mindset and maintain it. You can overcome any obstacle if you give yourself the means to do so.

Stress, an issue that affects people worldwide, doesn’t come from the problems you face during the day, but from the way you perceive them. Just like anger, anxiety or sadness, these emotions are generated by your way of thinking. Your thoughts dwell on these emotions, so you repeat the same scenario over and over in your head, which serves no real purpose. Stop torturing yourself and realize the importance of putting some distance between yourself and your problems in order to reach a positive mindset. Be kind to yourself. Spare yourself the downtalk and stop fearing what could happen. The emotional distance you create won’t stop you from being yourself; it will only help you control your emotions.

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Your happiness shouldn’t depend on how others see you. Learn how to let go of what others think about you. Pay attention to relevant and constructive criticism, and ignore what tends to hurt you or negatively judge you. Be your primary source of support. Don’t wait for someone to acknowledge you before you can be proud of who you are. Repeat to yourself, “I am unique!”

To help you put things into perspective, why not try taking up regular physical activity, like FizzUp fitness training? Exercise helps you disconnect from everyday life and gives your mind a break. Without you even knowing it, exercise lets you organize your thoughts and find solutions to certain problems. You’ll also relieve stress, because physical activity triggers the release of serotonin. This hormone is a natural antidepressant, soothing both your body and mind.


Get organized and set your priorities. This is what you need to focus on if you want to be the most productive. You’ll also be better able to manage your everyday hassles and commitments, which will leave you with peace of mind at the end of your day.

Organization is the key to positive thinking. By fitting into your busy schedule with workouts that last only 20 minutes, FizzUp helps you stay active and healthy in both your body and mind. Its virtual calendar and reminders from the trainer help you get organized to make staying in shape a pleasure.


In order to look on the bright side of life, you have to be patient with yourself. Learn to give yourself room to grow. Nobody reaches the top right away… first you have to climb. Everything you do in life take effort, without throwing in the towel as soon as problems arise. If you don’t get results as soon as you’d hoped, trust yourself.

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Sometimes, trying to do something alone isn’t easy, which is why the FizzUp trainer can help you reach your goals with his fitness and nutritional guidance. He’s there to keep you motivated and answer any questions you have. To reach your goal, you need to give yourself time and not give up.


Being happy means looking at yourself in a positive light. So be patient with yourself and the time you need to grow and don’t forget to love yourself in the meantime. Every day, give yourself compliments when you look in the mirror, such as:

“I look great today,” “I’m good at my job,” “I’m proud of myself because I was able to get through all my cardio today,” “I’m unique, and that’s awesome!”

This might sound surprising or weird, but little by little, you’ll eventually believe in yourself and enjoy being kind to yourself. You’ll create positive vibes if you’re friends with yourself.


Your smile and even your laughter are some of your best bets for living a long and happy life. In fact, laughing relaxes your entire body for over 45 minutes. It helps you relieve stress and accumulated tension naturally. It also counteracts stress hormones, because laughter triggers the release of endorphins, called the “happiness” hormones. Researchers in gerontology and sociology worked together to show the powerful impact of laughter and positive emotions on our mood and overall wellness. Using a sample of 292 subjects, all grieving the loss of their spouses and around 50 years old, the researchers were able to observe the positive influence of laughter to help them cope with grief. Living in a positive environment and being exposed to situations that provoke laughter on an everyday basis, they were all able to overcome their mourning more easily without falling into depression.

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Having a good laugh can relax you and boost your wellness. Laughter is also contagious and hard to stop when you’re around others. It’s like a feast of happiness that you can share and eat without moderation. Doing a physical activity as a couple is also an opportunity for you to have fun together and bond.

Free the positive power inside you to live a better life. Don’t overlook your physical and mental wellness. They’re both interconnected and need to be well cared for. To help you look on the bright side of life, rely on FizzUp to support you in your everyday routine and help you take better care of yourself at all levels. To start your day off right, you can also try a morning stretching circuit to give you just the right amount of positive energy you need.

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