4 Foods That Make You Motivated

Your motivation is what you eat! Whether it’s physical or mental, fatigue is your motivation’s worst enemy. Find your source of fuel for your next workout with this list of foods that make you motivated.


The goji berry’s got it all when it comes to being a fitness crowd-pleaser. It’s an adaptogen, a term used to describe a natural compound that increases the body’s resistance to stress, especially when it comes to exercise.

As a food that also heightens your endurance, goji berries help you handle tougher exercises and fight fatigue during and after your workout, which in turn has a significantly positive impact on your motivation. These gems are recommended for beginners and anyone recovering from a strenuous workout.

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And that’s not all! Goji berries stimulate human growth hormone (HGH) secretion, improving your sleep and memory to help you feel rested, motivated and mentally ready to attack your workout.

How to eat it: To give your body the time to adapt to this new food, have one teaspoon of goji berries at breakfast. After you have them every day for a week, you can up the amount by switching to one tablespoon per day.

You can add dried goji berries to yogurt, cereal or even your tea.


Eating a few sprigs of rosemary definitely won’t make you feel full, but believe us, this herb will add flavor to your food and do wonders for your health and motivation.

This plant contains flavonoids, an antioxidant that improves blood flow in your brain. That’s why rosemary is an excellent food to get you prepped for exercise, because it increases your alertness and attention.

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Rosemary works great to keep tiredness at bay by regulating your sleep cycles and reducing stress. It’s often used to counteract mental exhaustion. You’re more likely to feel mentally motivated to start a new fitness routine when your mind is well rested.

How to eat it: If you’re having trouble finding your motivation, you can make an herbal tea with 2 grams of rosemary leaves in 150 ml of boiling water. You can also put some rosemary in fish and vegetable dishes to give it a touch of Mediterranean flavor.


Like any other cruciferous vegetable, broccoli is a true ally of anyone who works out. With only 25 calories per 100 grams, it’s high in vitamins and antioxidants. It’ll also give you your intake in vitamin C to boost your energy before your workout.

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Broccoli is an incredible source of minerals like potassium, too. A mineral deficiency can lead to increased physical fatigue, making you feel weak because you lack the nutrients you need to get through your workout.

This vegetable is also an alkaline food that lowers your body’s acid load, making it a perfect ingredient in a post-workout meal to get you ready for your next FizzUp session.

How to eat it: To make the most of broccoli’s benefits, eat it raw! You can also briefly cook it over low steam. It works well in both simple salads and more intricate dishes.


Coconut oil is another thing you’ll find on our list of foods that make you motivated. It contains healthy saturated fat. But don’t worry… it’s good for your arteries!

Besides being quick to digest, it also easily permeates your cells so that your body immediately converts it to energy instead of storing it as fat once it’s been metabolized by your liver. So cook with coconut oil to keep your motivation sky high and your energy at its peak!

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How to eat it: Many oils can’t be used for high-temperature cooking, but coconut oil can! Because it’s high in fatty acids, this oil stays stable even over extreme heat. Try using coconut oil instead of olive oil the next time you cook. You can also use it as a butter alternative while you bake.

Add these foods that make you motivated to your healthy eating habits to keep your drive up and running. Remember, your motivation is what you eat!

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