11 Unusual Activities You Can Do During Your Rest Time

Your rest time is a vital part of your workout, but sometimes it lacks a bit of creativity. The FizzUp trainer is giving you 11 unusual activities you can do during your rest time so that you can make it more fun and get the most out of it. You’ll never want to skip another rest time again.


Grow your muscles

This category is for those who want to see their body beef up, their musculature grow and their shoulder width increase. To gain muscle mass, you need to make sure you follow the rest time during your muscle-building workout. When it’s longer, your rest time gives you more energy to attack your next set. When it’s shorter, it increases your muscle fatigue and makes the exercise more difficult to do, giving you maximum results. Build muscle by using your rest time wisely!

1 | When recovery gets active

What’s active recovery? Fans of muscle building will love it because it keeps you moving in order to work the antagonist muscle, which improves your muscles’ blood flow, providing them with more oxygen and nutrients. You’ll have more energy and work out more efficiently during your FizzUp workout. So do a light set of a single exercise during your rest time. You can also do a set of crunches or get into a plank position as you wait the next part of your workout to begin.

What do we mean by “antagonist muscle”? This is muscle that’s opposite the one you were working previously during your workout. It’s the muscle that lengthens during a muscular exercise, unlike the one that contracts. It opposes a specific movement when it’s used.


  • If you do several push-up reps, this works the biceps significantly and lengthens the triceps, which is the antagonist muscle. Work it during your rest time by doing a few dips.
  • If you do several squat reps, this fires up the quads in your thighs, while its antagonist, the hamstrings, wait for their turn. Do a few lunges to work these muscles as well.

As a reminder: Your FizzUp workout is designed to build your entire musculature. The exercises in your workout are ordered in such a way so as to work every antagonist muscle. But if you just can’t get enough, nothing is stopping you from doing a few exercise reps during your rest time.

2 | Drink water

For maximum rest time effectiveness, remember to drink water even if you don’t feel thirsty. The importance of staying hydrated for athletes during their workout has already been proven to be beneficial. When you get enough water, you stay energized!

3 | Stay energized

Are you still up for more? Walk around during your rest time to get your blood flowing. If you want to turn up the heat, go up and down your stairs. You’ll get a little bit of cardio in, which balances out your physical fitness.

Have some fun or try multitasking

This category is for those who want to add a bit of fun, surprise and entertainment to their rest time. If some of these activities seem weird to you, you should still take them seriously because they can change your idea of recovery.


4 | Keep up the pace

If you’re already familiar with the Rhythm, the new FizzUp feature, keep up the pace when you move to the rhythm of the FizzUp motivational workout playlists. During your rest time, music will guide your movements as you improvise a little dance routine, keeping you active but still allowing you to recover before you continue your workout. There are many benefits of listening to music during your workout, especially during your rest time. It improves your coordination, keeps you motivated and gets you through an intense exercise.

5 | Make a checklist

A rest time can also be the opportunity to get organized and think about the errands you need to run. You can keep a pen and some paper close by to write down some checklists for things you need to do, things to need to remember, your grocery list or the important things you want to include in an upcoming report for work or a thesis for school. Exercise has a beneficial effect on your brain and boosts its abilities. Use it to your advantage!

6 | Don’t miss the last episode

To bring together exercise and leisure, you might also decide to watch a few seconds of your favorite TV show during your rest time. But be sure to tap the pause button as soon as your workout starts back up again! That’s an excellent way to get you motivated enough to finish your workout and make the suspense last.

7 | Top Chef

Put your roast, salmon fillet or pie in the oven before you start your workout. Then you can use your rest time to keep an eye on it as it cooks. You can also use it to peel and cut your vegetables, let your stew simmer or watch your pressure cooker.

8 | Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Your rest time can also be the golden opportunity to admire your results in the mirror. Take a look at yourself, give yourself some compliments and words of encouragement out loud to get rid of the love handles you hate! A few seconds’ break will boost your motivation and strengthen your determination.



This category is for those who want to find some peace and calm between two exercises. The rest time can also be used to catch your breath and let your heart rate go down so that you can feel more at ease when you finish your workout. Also opt for some stretching* to relax and find some tranquility after exercising.

9 | Keep breathing to give it your all

To get back a bit of serenity, do this easy breathing exercise during your longer rest times. Sit and lean against a wall or lie down on the floor. Slowly and deeply inhale through your nose. Place one hand on your stomach and feel it going in when you exhale through your mouth. Feel free to push on your stomach with your hand. Inhale again through your nose to inflate your stomach. Repeat the exercise several times. Make sure to exhale more slowly than you inhale. You’ll give your body all the oxygen it needs and easily lower your heart rate.

As a reminder: Breathing well while exercising can also help you finish your workout in the best way possible. So learn how to breathe like you learn how to squat.

10 | Need a hug?

If you have the chance to do your workout with a partner, why not use it to sweat and turn up the heat together? The rest time can also be a nice moment to share a hug with those around you. But they still need to be ok with giving you a hug when you’re covered in sweat.

FizzUp tip: If you’ve already found your other half but you’ve never tried working out together, now’s the time to do it. Working out as a couple offers many advantages for your relationship.

11 | Be mindful

If your workout was too intense or demanding, try a fast and easy meditation exercise. But take a break for a least 60 seconds. All you have to do is lie down on your mat with your eyes closed. Slowly inhale, then exhale. Banish any overwhelming thoughts from your mind. The goal is to forget about your worries or the difficulties you’ve recently overcome. Listen to the sounds around you: your watch ticking, the rain falling, your neighbor mowing or a baby crying… After a few seconds, focus your awareness on your body and what it’s doing. Think about your limbs, muscles and organs working. Feel the areas that sting, burn or where you’re starting to feel tense. This exercise should last 60 seconds. The goal is to give you an idea for an activity you can do during your rest time that’s good for your health. We’re sure you’re going to want to keep meditating. Nothing is stopping you from taking more time to meditate after your FizzUp workout.

What about you? What are your unusual tricks to keep you occupied during your rest time? In any case, with this list, you’ll have something to do. Stop skipping the opportunity to relax, have some fun and return to rest.

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