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We could tell you that in order to get fit and really see results, it takes a lot of sweat and tears, but we’re sure you’ve heard that before and know that this is just an approach that doesn’t last. We all have our limits and our own stories, but what we all share is the desire to change, to evolve, to improve our image and our physical fitness.

FizzUp is working to create a new fitness experience: one that listens to your body and helps you get moving at your own pace. And since there’s no ideal pace, we’re convinced that everyone has their own. FizzUp easily becomes a lasting part of your weekly routine, with workouts that are right for your current fitness level, goal and lifestyle. As a comprehensive and personalized fitness training method, it capitalizes on the latest research in the physiology of exercise. These are the innovations that we offer to stand by our promise that you can get fit in just six weeks with FizzUp.

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02/18 | FizzUp Takes In-Home Fitness Sector By Storm – 700 Million Calories Burnt Since Launch

10/17 | Introducing FizzUp – “a personal trainer in your pocket”: Workout app launches in the UK and is set to change the way Brits get trim


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[accordion title=’September 2018′]

09/2018 | Evening Standard (printed press)  – The List: Digital Personal Trainers

09/2018 | (online)  – The Best Protein Sources for Men with an Appetite


[accordion title=’August 2018′]

08/2018 | (online)  – 5 ways to have a healthier BBQ in this summer’s scorching heat!

08/2018 | MTV UK (online)  – 8 amazing apps you can used instead of splurging on a personal trainer

08/2018 | Rugby Rep (online)  – Training & Mental Focus! Ideas & How To!

08/2018 | (online)  – This scientifically-inspired commuter playlist will change your work day


[accordion title=’July 2018′]

07/2018 | Balance (printed press)  – Home Comforts


[accordion title=’June 2018′]

06/2018 | (online)  – How To Get Your 10k Steps Daily – Without Trying!

06/2018 | Gluten-Free Heaven (printed press)  – Fitness app extends its meal planner options to include gluten-free

06/2018 | (online)  – This scientifically-inspired commuter playlist will change your work day

06/2018 | Health & Wellbeing (printed press)  – Step to it


[accordion title=’May 2018′]

05/2018 | Men’s Running (printed press)

05/2018 | Women’s Running (printed press)

05/2018 | Weight Watchers (printed press) – Our healthy picks

05/08/2018 | (online) – News: Between the Sheets


[accordion title=’April 2018′]

04/2018 | Runner’s World (printed press)  – Try this

04/03/2018 | (online)  – What is it like working with family?

04/05/2018 | (online)  – Introducing FizzUp – The Personal Trainer In Your Pocket

04/11/2018 |  (online)  – High blood pressure – this is the reason you should be eating more chocolate


[accordion title=’March 2018′]

03/2018 | FitPro (printed press)  – Apps that have caught our eye

03/2018 | Top Santé (printed press)  – ‘Appy and you know it!

03/06/2018 | Heat Magazine (printed press) – Pocket Personal Trainers

03/14/2018 | (printed press and online) – The 23 Best Workout Apps

03/29/2018 | (blog) – 8 Fitness Professionals Share Their Top Fat Loss Secrets


[accordion title=’February 2018′]

02/2018 | Health & Wellbeing (printed press)  – The Best Home Workout Products

02/2018 | Men’s Running (printed press)  – Running Tech

02/2018 | Women’s Running (printed press)  – Running Tech

02/01/2018 | (online)  – 10 best health apps of 2018

02/12/2018 | (blog)  – Review of FizzUp – Nutrition and Workout App


[accordion title=’January 2018′]

01/2018 | Woman’s Own Diet Special (printed press) – Try a PT in your pocket

01/2018 | Yoga Magazine (printed press) – FizzUp

01/04/2018 | Evening Standard (online) Fitness gadgets to give a healthy head start in 2018

01/11/2018 | Take a Break (printed press) – TaB loves… FizzUp


[accordion title=’December 2017′]

12/2017 | Work Out Magazine (printed press and online) – New for 2018, page 36

12/15/2017 | Top Santé (printed press) – A PT In Your Pocket

12/26/2017 | The Telegraph (printed press and online) – In a post-Christmas slump? There’s an app for that


[accordion title=’November 2017′]

11/16/2017 | Shortlist (printed press) – Apps of the Week – FizzUp


[accordion title=’May 2017′]

05/19/2017Scarlett London (blog) – How to stay healthy while travelling

05/02/2017 | @healthy_fitmum (blog) FizzUp, the French online fitness training app

05/01/2017 | healthy_fitmum (YouTube) Home workout / fizzup fitness app


[accordion title=’April 2017′]

04/23/2017 | Laura Blair (YouTube) – My Healthy Morning Routine + Workout Routine

04/17/2017 | London Fashion Girl (blog)Body Basics: Keeping Fit the Easy Way

04/09/2017 | Blaise D  (YouTube)5 Steps to a Productive Morning with FizzUp // My Morning Routine

04/01/2017 | Blaise Ruby (blog)How to Work Out at Home with FizzUp




In the media


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“Do you remember six weeks ago? Your waistline was an inch or so thinner, your bank balance was certainly healthier and you were still friends with your liver. A lot can change in six weeks, including for the better. FizzUp is a digital personal trainer that promises to get users back in shape in a month and a half.” —The Telegraph


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“If you’ve got all the gear but no idea, FizzUp will act as a personal trainer in your pocket. The app creates tailored workout and nutrition plans, as well as motivational add-ons, which are optional blocks of cardio, abdominal and stretching exercises.” —Evening Standard


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“The best bit of this app? The nutrition section that contains diet tips, recipes and a meal planning function where you can add meals that are right for your particular goal. This is perfect for any fitness lovers that find it difficult to stay organised.” —Healthista




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